Open finance:
shaping the future
of financial services

11:FS and Plaid have joined forces to examine the transformative impact open finance could have on the competitive landscape and how it may influence the behaviour of consumers and businesses.

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The competitive environment that you operate in is about to undergo huge transformation

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But do you know what open finance is and the impact it could have?

Open finance will affect how digital financial services are designed, built and distributed, and it will influence who is providing them.

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Download our report for expert analysis on:


How open finance might be implemented

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What we can learn from the implementation of open banking


What it could mean for existing firms and how they may need to adapt


What can companies do now, to be prepared

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Adam Davis
Adam Davis
Head of Delivery, 11:FS
Dan Morgan
Dan Morgan
European Policy Lead, Plaid
Kat Cloud
Kat Cloud
Policy, Plaid

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