What money management systems have customers adopted?

1. Pinboard

Hear how this university student living off £13 per day uses a pinboard in her bedroom to track and adjust her daily spending.

2. Six Jar Method

Here's how a time-poor 34 year-old single mother manages her finances whilst balancing a freelance job and childcare. 

Leslie Jars H.264


3. Direct debits? No thank you.

 This 37 year-old married father mentally calculates outgoings on a weekly basis and pays them manually.

He avoids direct debits because he doesn’t know when they’ll come out.

Stuart Mental Tracking H.264



Opportunity comes with Jobs that are difficult to fulfill. 

Here are the current underserved jobs - straight from the customers.

1. Manage your recurring bills and living costs

What customers say:

Managing recurring bills H264


2. Build up or maintain a financial “safety net”

What customers say:

PFM - safety blanket H264
3. Make more money from savings and assets

What customers say:

PFM - making money on your savings 264
4. Building up long-term savings for specific events

What customers say: 

PFM JTBD report - saving for long term goals H264



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