Decoding: Banking as a Service

Banking as a Service (BaaS) is paving the way for the future of financial services. Jump inside
the minds of the industry’s biggest changemakers with our brand-new six-part video series.

All about that BaaS


Why is BaaS so hot right now?
Discover the cultural and technological changes that have led to the rapid growth of BaaS over the last few years.


How does BaaS enable growth?
Brands, providers and banks can work together to offer financial services to customers, at the right time and the right place.


What are the challenges and opportunities?
Dive into the BaaS ecosystem to see how it’s shaking up the industry and find out where your business can play a part.


Will every company become a fintech?
BaaS and embedded finance permits just about any brand to start playing the fintech game - but is that a good thing?

Get insights from some of the biggest names in fintech

  • Ben Metz - Snr Managing Director, Jack Henry Digital 
  • Ewan Silver - CTO, 11:FS
  • Eric Sager - COO, Plaid
  • Joanne Dewar - CEO, GPS
  • Dr. Jörg Howein - CPO, Solaris Bank
  • Kate Moody - Lead Customer Strategist, 11:FS
  • Maia Bittner - Product Lead, Chime
  • Mel Stringer - Product Lead, 11:FS
  • Mike Douglas - VP Strategy, Galileo
  • Nigel Verdon - Co-founder & CEO, Railsbank
  • Omri Dahan - CRO, Marqeta
  • Roy Ng - Co-founder & CEO, Bond
  • Sankaet Pathak -  CEO, Synapse
  • Seth Ross - GM, Banking as a Service, Green Dot Corporation
  • Simon Taylor, Ventures Lead, 11:FS
  • Susan French -  SVP, Head of Product, BBVA Open Platform
  • Yolande Piazza - VP Financial Services, Google Cloud

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BaaS is so hot right now

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