How the COVID-19 pandemic will accelerate digital financial services.

Business as usual is over. The COVID-19 pandemic has created an immediate operational crisis in financial services firms that have ignored the digital imperative. In the medium to long-term, it will accelerate the shift to digital, hastening the move from products to services, and permanently reshaping the financial services industry.

The top 3 challenges during the pandemic that you need to react to


How can we invest to become truly digital?

Once the crisis lifts, where is the long term value of your digital investments?


How can we evolve to a remote-first mindset?

How can you take advantage of the situational change and enable remote teams to work in an agile way?


How do we enable teams to make change at pace?

How do you transform your core operating models and move towards becoming a truly digital business?

Podcast coverage: COVID-19


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