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Don't Call it a Comeback: Why Tokens Will Change Finance.

Blockchain Insider has reached a milestone, and we want you to celebrate it with us. Our chart-topping podcast for bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts will be recording their hundredth episode in front of a Live audience 

Join the 11:FS Team for this special live recording to celebrate the very best Blockchain, DLT and Crypto stories we’ve covered over this 100 episode journey! 

Of course, as we’re celebrating 100 episodes of awesome blockchain podcasts, it means we need an equally awesome ensemble. Take a look at our guests:

Pete McCormack - What Bitcoin Did

Dr Peter McCormack has seen it all. At the peak of the crypto craze, he held about £1.2 million in a variety of coins. During that time he was trading, mining and pool mining, and wrote a fantastic Twitter threadabout the whole experience. He's now the phenomenal host of the podcast "What Bitcoin did", a blogger and an advisor. 

You can find him on Twitter 


Teana Baker-Taylor - Global Digital Finance

Teana is the executive director at Global Digital Finance, the body promoting the adoption of best practices for cryptoassets amongst policymakers and regulators. She's also in the Women in Fintech Powerlist and has held senior positions in HSBC, Citi and RBS. 

You can find her on Twitter


Oliver Harris - JP Morgan

Oliver is the head of Quorum & Crypto-Assets Strategy at JP Morgan. 

In the past, he's headed JP Morgan's Fintech in-residence division, worked as an Accenture consultant and with Tony Blair. 

You can find him on Twitter 



Pre-show drinks and a mingle


Podcast recording begins


Recording ends, and food is served!




See you there!

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